City Market Social house

may 31, 2019


6:00PM – Registration Opens

6:30 – 7:30PM – Masterclasses



7:30 – 10:00PM – THE TASTING

All guests at the event must be 21 years or older. All events are Rain or Shine events. 


Single Malt Spotlight: Diversity within Tradition

Single Malt Whisk(e)y has kept to a resolved definition and revered perception for decades. However, with the boom of international whiskey, countries and distilleries look to showcase diversity, terroir and provenance in this wonderful category of whiskey. Join Jordan Felix, Westward American Single Malt Advocate as we walk through the constituents of barley, beer and barrel from three different countries. Subsequently, blind taste three international single malts & discuss the bright future of this growing respected category.

Presented by Jordan Felix
Westward American Single Malt Advocate

A COnversation WIth Maker’s mark & Women Who Whiskey! 

Maker’s Mark Whisky has always been at the forefront of engaging bourbon drinkers experientially from the iconic red-tipped bottle and label designed by co-founder Margie Samuels to the Maker’s Mark distillery as bourbon tourism destination to the brand’s current Private Select program, which allows enthusiasts to create a personalized whisky by adding custom wood finishing barrel staves to specially selected casks. Most recently, Maker’s Mark has created the Diplomat program with the aim of educating customers and consumers through an immersive program that involves education on every level of the whisky making process. 

Join Maker’s Mark Trade Relations Manager Megan Breier in conversation with Kim Ohanneson, President of Women Who Whiskey ~ Los Angeles. Megan, who was named a highly commended American Whisky Icon by Whisky Advocate, will guide you through a tasting of four expressions of Maker’s Mark, including Private Select, while talking about creating innovative, educational experiences to help Diplomats engage and educate buyers and consumers by exploring every aspect of whisky making. In her previous role as West Coast Whiskey Ambassador for Beam Suntory, Megan created unique and memorable educational programs such as Aged and Glazed (bourbon and doughnuts) and Bourbon Is My Boyfriend.

Presented by:

Megan Breier
Makers Mark Trade Relations

Hennessy Le Voyage: A Journey through the Art of Cognac & Crafted Cocktails

Join Richard Varga, Hennessy Ambassador, as he guides you through an exclusive hands-on experience as you discover the craftmanship that goes into the making of our Cognac. Journey through the Hennessy portfolio as you taste the differences between some of our most iconic blends and learn to craft your own cocktails with the world’s finest cognac. Highlights of the evening will include an immersion into the distinct world of cognac and the superior craftsmanship behind every Hennessy blend (Hennessy V.S.O.P, Hennessy X.O) while discovering the distinctive flavors and characteristics of Hennessy.

Presented by Richard Varga
Hennessy V.S.O.P, X.O Ambassador


Connoisseur Partner
Whisky Portfolio

Connoisseur Partner
Glencairn Glassware


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Dress Code

Business casual attire required, including collared shirts and slacks for men, and blouses and slacks or skirts or dresses for women. Dress denim permitted.

Venue Location

City Market Social House
1145 San Pedro St
Los Angeles, CA 90015

*See Map Below

City Market Social House

1145 San Pedro St, Los Angeles

CA 90015, USA


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