Raj Sabharwal

Founding Partner and Managing Director Glass Revolution Imports

Raj was born in England, grew up in Toronto, Canada and so far has lived in 18 cities in 5 countries.

After 25 years in the corporate world Raj decided to follow his passions for fine wine and spirits and in 2010 started Purple Valley Imports USA LLC. In 2016 Purple Valley Imports changed their name to Glass Revolution Imports. The new name reflects their focus to revolutionize what is in the consumer’s glass. Raj is an avid wine and spirits collector and is WSET (Wine and Spirits Education Trust) Level 3 certified and a Certified Wine and Spirits Educator.

In 8 years Raj and his two partners have grown their company from representing 1 brand in 3 states to today representing 10 brands in over 45 States.

Glass Revolution is an importer specializing in world class spirits from independent distilleries. Raj personally selects the brands and selections offered.

At present Glass Revolution’s portfolio includes: Amrut Single Malts and Rums, Blackadder Whisky, English Whisky Co., Stalk & Barrel Whisky, Sullivans’ Cove, Drouet Cognac, Mahon Gin and a number of Single Malt Independent Bottlers. Glass Revolution were the first to import Single Malt Whiskies from India, England and Australia, into the USA.

When not on a plane Raj enjoys spending time with his wife Maddie, cycling, cooking, and discovering new world class spirits and wines.

Purple Valley Imports has been recognized as “Whisky Importer of the Year” for 2013, 2014 and 2015 by Whisky Magazine’s Icons of America Whisky. In 2017 Whisky Magazine recognized Raj as World Whisky Ambassador (Highly Commended) with their American Icon’s of Whisky. Glass Revolution’s portfolio includes a number of multi-award winning products, including 3 World Whiskies of The Year.

Glass Revolution also operates in Canada, importing a number of brands from the USA and other countries.