Gabriel Cardarella

North American Ambassador of Dewar’s

Gabriel Cardarella is a deeply knowledgeable whisky expert who has educated bartenders and consumers around the world. Throughout the past decade, Gabriel has hosted a variety of tastings, training sessions and trade shows, drawing on his extensive knowledge to help other professionals understand the depth, complexity and beauty of Scotch whisky. He has led master classes in Scotland and been featured in print magazines, such as American Way, Crave, and the Wall Street Journal.

Gabriel was trained by Stephanie Macleod, the Dewar’s master blender, and has traveled the world, immersing himself in the history of whisky, while mastering the various production and distillation techniques. As a result, Cardarella has honed the art of sensory recognition of spirits. With just a sip, he can tell if it’s a single malt, a blend or even a single cask.