Carin Luna-Ostaseski

Founder, SIA Scotch Whisky

If you think Scotch isn’t for you, Carin Luna-Ostaseski bets she can change your mind!

In 2014, Miami, FL native Carin fulfilled a personal dream when she launched her own brand of Scotch – SIA Scotch Whisky. Distilled in Scotland and matured, blended and bottled by Hunter Laing & Co., Ltd., SIA is a blend of Speyside, Highlands and Islay malts, specifically created to appeal to a contemporary palate.

For Carin, creating something tangible was a real passion, considering most of her 17-year professional career as a Marketing Creative Director for major news outlets such as and Reuters, and many California start-ups including Prosper Marketplace. A pioneer and expert in the area of Internet advertising sponsorships, she has created successful consumer products campaigns for clients including Motorola, Compaq, Honda, Lowes, Citibank, Sony and IBM.

Her marketing and creative background gave her the experience to identify an untapped consumer niche in the crowded back bar, and a friend guided her through her first tasting of Scotch began her love affair with the spirit. Carin was first offered a Scotch when out with friends, but refused it thinking it was “too strong.” But curiosity won out and when queried about preferred cocktails, wines and favorite foods, the friend was able to select a dram that delighted her. The Scotch stereotype was shattered, and Carin realized that there was a brand out there for everyone – particularly those who don’t know they like Scotch… yet.

The next several years were spent hosting Scotch tastings, learning about what people enjoy and why. She became an avid student of Scotch and the beverage industry, immersing herself in the business, spending time with Distillers and a myriad of industry professionals, and earning her bartending license.

Carin shared her vision for a new refreshingly modern Scotch with Spirit Imports, Inc. and they agreed with the potential, facilitating her introduction to the team at Hunter Laing & Co., Ltd., who would ultimately bring her vision to life. She then turned to Kickstarter for funding in what was one of the crowd sourcing platform’s most successful liquor launches to date.

In her personal time, Carin dedicates herself to her many passions including flying a Cessna 172. She is also a member of the USBG.