Royal Sonesta Houston Galleria

May 3 ,2018



Opens 5:30PM


6:00 – 7:00PM





7:00 – 10:00PM

All guests at the event must be 21 years or older. All events are Rain or Shine events. 


Connoisseur Class: The History of irish whiskey

Go back in time to see how the oldest known whiskey on earth got its start and the trials & tribulations that almost brought it down.

1200 years of history distilled down to 60 minutes!

Learn about the production of the various styles of “Uisce beatha” and the production of each, then taste out each one while on a guided tour with long-time whiskey educator Martin C. Duffy.

No brand ambassadors!  No commercial message! Unfiltered!  It’s informative, eye-opening and fun!

Presented by Martin Duffy, Whisk(e)y Educator

Presented by Martin C. Duffy
Whisk(e)y Educator – The Glencairn

It’s Flavor That Matters: Blind Tasting Without Bias – Samson & Surrey


So many things affect our choices when it comes to which whisk(e)y to enjoy – marketing, reviews, package style, word-of-mouth, etc. In the end, the true arbiter of that choice should be the flavor of the liquid in the bottle, and the effect it has on your individual palate. Tonight, we will strip away all the pretense and blind taste six different whiskies from around the world. At the end, we’ll reveal each liquid and its unique story to discover which was truly your favorite – sans preconception! Presented by Kyle McHugh, Director of Brand Advocacy – Samson & Surrey.

Presented by Kyle McHugh
Director of Brand Advocacy – Samson & Surrey

“Grain to Glass” American Single Malt Masterclass

Single Malt whisk(e)y is a revered spirit. Long associated with Scotland, the rest of the world has truly embraced the category and has caught up with producing world class whiskey. Here in the United States, American Single Malt is a rapidly growing category and is gaining traction and recognition around the world. Join Jordan Felix as we explore the three American Single Malt cornerstones of barley, beer, and barrel in Westward American Single Malt.

Presented by Jordan Felix
Westward American Single Malt Advocate

Dress Code

Business casual attire, including collared shirts and slacks for men, and blouses and slacks or skirts or dresses for women. No denim permitted.

Accommodations / Group Room Rate

Royal Sonesta Houston Galleria

Standard Room: $199/Night + Taxes and Fees
Booking Code: 0502WHISKY
Cut-off Date: April 23, 2018
Online or Call: 855.463.3091 

Venue Location

Royal Sonesta Houston Galleria
42222 West Loop S
Houston, TX 77027

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Union Station

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Dallas, TX 75202


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